Battery Saver HD & Task Killer

Battery Saver & Task Killer app gives Best and Easy app to Save Battery Power really without making Complicated features. We have included Task Killer to the latest Mobile and Devices too. So you can easily use it in latest OS version in you mobile.

This app just not save power but its comes with different features like Power modes, Task Killer, Battery optimization, Device CPU info, Charging States and much more.

Battery saver app help you to switch off all the extra functions like WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, FLight Mode, Brightness and other energy consuming apps on the device. App Will Notify when power get down in percentage and even when you plug your device in charging it shows charging stages.

App Features:
– Set Notification status for Battery Life in percentage.
– Memory status, Battery percentage and Running Apps status in main screen.
– Battery Power Saver optimization.
– Different Battery Modes: Saving Mode, Sleep Mode and Customizable Mode.
1. Saving Mode: (Use in lowest Battery Status)
– Device Brightness set to 10% & Activate WiFi of the Device
– Stand By time to 15 seconds

2. Sleep Mode: (Use when you sleep)
– Turn Off Call & SMS and turn ON the Flight Mode
– Set Vibrations & Airplane Mode On/Off.
– Sound Off and mute media sound too.
– Brightness set to 10% or minimum level.

3. Customized Mode:
– You can Customize app usages as your need to save Battery Power.
– Can adjust the battery saving setting freely depend on your need and usage.
– Can adjust WiFi, Bluetooth, vibration, sound, device brightness, synchronization and stand by time.

– Set your features like wifi, bluetooth, sound or others setting enable/disable in customizable mode.
– Main Screen Buttons for Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, Flight Mode, Brightness, Mobile Data & TimeOut.
– Task Cleaner to shut down background Apps and clean junk memory and boost RAM.
– Device Battery internal states like temperature, voltage, health and charging status.

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