Islamic Calendar 2017, Qibla & Date Converter

Islamic Calendar which is also known as Hijri Calendar is used by more than a billion Muslims around the world to determine the main days of observance in the Islamic religious year. Islamic calendar converter will be useful for determining the approximate Western Gregorian date equivalent for an Islamic calendar dates. Convert Gregorian Dates to Hijri Dates and vice versa.

Hijri dates were started from the day when Prophet Muhammad and Sahaba (His followers) travelled from Mecca to Medina. The journey from Mecca to Medina by Prophet Mohammad is called Hijrat, so the calendar is called Hijri calendar. All Islamic events are organized by Hijri dates. Therefore it is important for every Muslim to have knowledge of Hijri date.

– Qibla Compass with Location and distance from Mecca.
– Islamic Events for years.
– Easy to use interface.
– Completely offline.
– Shows Current Date in western and Islamic Format.
– Full Calendar Layout with both dates combine.
– Islamic Date Converter with date piker in wheeler UI.
– Manual Setting option for Hijri Date adjustment from -5 Days to +5 days.

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