Ramadan Rewards 2018

Ramadan Kareem to All Brothers and Sisters.

Ramadan 2018 is going to come on 15th/16th May in all over the world. As its a holiest month of Islam, People do fasting and praise to Allah.

Earn Your different Ramadan Rewards e.g Fasting, Completing Holy Quran, Donating Food, Sharing foods even Giving Smile to others. We have included Ramadan Countdown too to keep update and inform our Muslim Brothers and sisters.

Ramdan which is also known as Ramzan is a ninth month of Muslim Calendar. Its the holy month in Islam because Quran was revealed in this month. Muslims fast for 29-30 days in this month and pay their duty as it is is regarded as one of the Five Pillars of Islam. You can use ramadan app after eid al fitr too.

You can select any date and Enter your favorite Rewards from below Ramadan Rewards List.
1. Send Neighbour iftar snacks.
2. Say Salaam to all.
3. Donate money for charity.
4. Pray five Prayer in Mosque.
5. Reading one Quran Chapter.
6. Read more than one chapter of Quran.
7. Contact family or friend you have not spoken a while.
8. Feed a homeless Person.
9. Feed a poor Person.
10. Greet everyone with smile.
11. Perform taraweeh prayer.
12. Learn new things in Ramadan.
13. Provide food for Iftar.
14. Spend last 10 days in mosque.
15. Memorize Ayat of Quran.
16. Invite Muslim to open fast.
17. Make Dua for poor people around world.
18. Spread Ramadan 2018 message to non Muslim.
19. Prays isha and Fajar prayer in mosque.
20. Watch less TV and read book about Islam.
21. Ask Allah for forgiveness.
22. Remind parents to pay Zakat.
23. Pay your Zakat.
24. Help other with fruits to open fast.
25. Open fast with non Muslims.

Ramadan 2018 Rewards Features:
– Ramadan 2018 Countdown gives you a nice and clear countdown for the coming Ramadan of the year 2018 / 1439.
– Ramadan note diary.
– Add your reward from our rewards list.

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