GIF Maker & Share for Whatsapp

GIF Maker app gives you best way to make GIF and share with others. Create GIF with Images from your mobile, Record video, Capture screen recorder video, Download GIF from link and use GIPHY GIFto make your personal GIF.

Best Feature of app is you can easily share a GIF image on Whatsapp without converting it as video like other apps forces to do. So its very easy and handy GIF Creator app for Whatsapp.

App Features:
– Cut and Edit Video to make GIF.
– Make GIF with photos from your Phone Gallery.
– Use Website Link to download GIF and edit it.
– Download GIPHY Gif by different categories like Trending, Funny, Animal, Movies, Search etc…
– Download and EDIT GIPHY Gif.
– Use app as GIF Editor to Create GIFs and share on social media by FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, WHATSAPP & Others.
– Multi language selection.
– Change GIF size and frame rate from setting.
– Add Filter on GIF images.
– Create GIF from GIF link like GIPHY or .gif.
– Import output GIF into Gallery.
– Load all GIF in your devices.
– Create GIF from video in social network.

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