Multiple Compass Pro

A Must have tool for your device. Compass Pro app comes with multiple dials. As you can see in the Screenshots all compass designs are unique and different in their own way.

Best Compass app tool for your device with high accuracy. As other compass apps it displays north direction easily so,you no longer lost your path now. Smart windows shows the accurate direction degree with large text font size.
The main difference is in this app that app contains beautiful compass dials.

At starting we are offering 8 dials with sharp cut resolution. We will add more Free Compass dials with regular intervals.

App Features:
1. Easy to use like a real Magnetic compass.
2. Beautiful UI with multiple Dial & Needle HD Images.
2. 100% Free App.
3. Shows Direction Degree in clear window.
4. 8 Different Dials and Needles Option.
5. Required very less device space to install.
6. Large text Display for Degree.
7. show your current latitude and longitude coordinates.

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